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10052 S Shore Rd, Honeymoon Bay, BC, Honeymoom Bay Market V0R 1Y0

Herbs can have a profound effect on your life both physically and energetically, the way that they can interact with our bodies to assist us in achieving harmony is simply beautiful.

I have created some products for our most common ailments that can be self treated and I encourage you to add them to your daily regime to achieve a greater level of health. Our bodies are designed to sustain health and to heal themselves but we need to nourish it fully in order for it to do so. I truly believe that if we are proactive and work to infuse our bodies with vitamins and minerals and the healing and cleansing compounds found in plants we can create a life and body of radiant health.

Saw something you wanted but didn’t pick up at the market, you can order products through my website or via email for local pick up or delivery. If you are from out of town, we can ship your order via Canada Post.

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